The Review of Shadow030 – RRRAAAHHH!

The world is in crisis and the of the Covid 19 pandemic. However, where crises are the order of the day anyway, people are not too quick to be upset by changes. So while Shadow030 calls on Instagram to help older people with their shopping, he manages to bag an additional single including a Maxwell feature with “Supersize” to bridge the waiting time for the album. This was extended by a few weeks due to delivery bottlenecks of the box contents. All the more it is important on “Rrraaahhhh!” to deal with the aforementioned crises of the pre-coronal quarter life. A look at the track list already makes it clear what this looks like: “Volles Magazin”, “Mehr Money”, “Berlin City Beton”.

The aim of the partly illegal profit making is, as is repeatedly emphasized, never the boasting of luxury items on the Internet, but the feeding of the family, the mere fight for survival. Particularly on “Crime”, the North Berliner succeeds in getting to the heart of the core topic bluntly with lines such as “Damn, get lost with your Prada, I have to earn some money”. Apart from political correctness (“Fuck your bitch on the disabled parking lot”), the album length unfortunately leaves a bit of variety by the wayside. Thanks to Shadows brute flow, in combination with the gloomy sounds of the well-tried beat suppliers Hijackers, a touchingly dark and above all authentic overall picture emerges: “That’s what I see here every day / Welcome to reality. Only the classic Racks-To-Riches-narrative “Mousse Au Chocolat” with playlist-capable pop-refrain by Joshi Mizu seems a bit out of place. Despite unavoidable street activities, the protagonist then, towards the end of the album, in his role model function, once again refers in all formality to the current regulations of the health ministries: “If you want to talk pisser to me, rule number 1: Don’t touch and distance. I’m sure Jens Spahn would like that.

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Written by Emily

Emily is currently finishing her studies in journalism and popular media abroad in the School of Media studies in Tel Aviv. In free time she writes for several popular magazines and loves hip hop culture very much.


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