Interview with Florida based hip hop artist Therapperbigchris

Therapperbigchris is an up and coming underground hip hop artist based out of Pensacola, Florida.

Recently, he has released his debut project ‘From Pensacola With Love’ on July 30th, 2020, and then a month later he turned around and released the deluxe edition of ‘From Pensacola With Love’ on September 15th, 2020. Big Chris was also featured on Underground Hip Hop Blog on August 30, 2020. His music is best described as ‘vibey new school hip hop with a dash of old school flavor.’

With all the intangibles for success, will Therapperbigchris be able to capitalize on his recent success?


What first got you into music? What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Therapperbigchris: What first got me into music was honestly just being a big fan of music. Like I looked up to people like Lil Wayne and Jay Z and Kanye West and people like that and I was just a huge fan of the music that was being made. And then one day I just found the ambition to do it myself and I just haven’t stopped since then. If it wasn’t for music I really don’t know what I’d be doing right now cause like music has been my life for years now. It’s kinda weird to think about what would have happened if I wasn’t making music.

What types of change do you feel your music can initiate?

Therapperbigchris: I feel like in my music I’ve always talked about tough situations and choosing the best decision for yourself. Even if that decision is the hardest one to make, you should choose it because it’s the best for you. You know what I mean? Like I want people to choose happiness and their own personal wellbeing over anything. Cause like at the end of the day your happiness and well-being are two of the most important things in this world.

What non-musical entities and ideas have impacted your music?

Therapperbigchris: Um honestly my music is very much inspired by whatever tv show I have played when I’m recording. Like I’ve been watching anime and then I’ll drop a line about Naruto or some shit. Or I’ve been watching like mob movies and shit and then I’ll drop a line about the Sopranos or something like that. You know so it’s really like whatever I’m watching on tv I’ll try to come up with something clever and put it in a verse. You know I like to keep my music light and playful at times so it’s fun to do stuff like that.


Please tell me more about your project ‘From Pensacola With Love’. Where did you get inspired?

Therapperbigchris: Yes, so From Pensacola With Love is my debut project! It was the first tape that I made and put out like everywhere haha. It was a lot of fun to make and um during the recording process I learned a lot about what it takes to make a good song and um, what it takes to make different types of songs. Like my goal on this tape was to make every song sound different and have different topics but still tie in together and make sense as a whole. Um, in this tape I’m really introducing myself to the rap game and introducing the Pensacola area from a different point of view. Like a lot of people come to vacation here and shit but I feel like most people don’t really know the other side of the town. You know like, outside from the tourist traps where the people working the tourist traps live, you know what I mean? And I feel like I’m such a product of my environment that like to fully understand my music and what I’m getting at I feel like you have to, understand my surroundings and like where I’m at while I’m making all this music.

I love your song “Fly Away”. What inspired you to write it?

Therapperbigchris: Yeah so Fly Away was the second single I dropped from my debut and it’s such a feel-good motivational type song. Like in the song I’m rapping about like all of my shortcomings in life but I’m coming at it in a positive way. You know, like I’m recognizing the bad and I’m accepting it so I can fly away from it and make something beautiful from an ugly situation. What inspired me to write that song was seeing one of my homeboys go through suicidal thoughts and tendencies. It really affected me in a big way and I felt like I had to make a song that would inspire people to choose happiness and choose good decisions for themselves in tough situations.

Your music is described as ‘vibey new school hip hop with a dash of old school flavor’. What do you take from the old school in your music?

Therapperbigchris: Um what I take from the old school is definitely lyricism and microphone presence and um shit like that. Like I love 90’s boom bap type shit and I love how in the 90’s everybody was spitting and everybody was trying to come up with the most clever punchlines and metaphors and stuff like that. So in my music, I try to incorporate rhyme schemes and different flows into my verses. And then in my hooks I try to be more vibey and try to catch a good flow, that’s what I get from the new school. And I feel like music like that is well rounded and pleasing on all ends, you know?

What is your view on technology in music?

Therapperbigchris: I think technology in music is great. As society is advancing so are our ways of making music and being creative sonically. So I feel like technology in music is only advancing our creativity and ability musically. I mean don’t get it twisted like being able to play the drums and being able to play the piano and stuff will always be a valued skill. But like if you can make an entire beat from a laptop and it slaps sonically. Why would you not continue to do that?

Describe your approach to recording.

Therapperbigchris: When it comes to recording music I like to take it one thing at a time. And by that I mean if I’m working on a hook or bridge. I’ll just continue to re-record that same hook and bridge until it slaps to my liking. And then I’ll move on to the verse and work on the verse until it sounds like how I want it to. Sometimes I one take verses sometimes I one take hooks and bridges and when I do that it’s exciting and it keeps the process going. Overall I really just try to keep studio time fun and playful. Cause I feel like whenever I’m fully comfortable in the studio that’s when I make my best music.

At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

Therapperbigchris: I hope people take away from my music, my hardships, and my triumphs and how I conduct myself in both. You know I’m very happy and I show it in my victories. But at the same time when I’m in a tough situation, I like to step back and look at things from a different perspective. And I feel like ultimately doing that I learn a lot about myself and I learn about the situation I’m in. So I hope people get um that no matter what happens, you have to keep pushing and you have to keep choosing happiness for yourself. You know happiness is a choice and it’s something that you have to choose time and time over again.


Thank you for having me guys! This interview was a lot of fun and I had a great time. My name is Therapperbigchris and I’m out here making music and making plays. I won’t stop until I reach my goal and my goal is to be in conversation with the greats. Stay tuned and watch my journey into the rap game.


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