Meet Talented Hip hop artist Lysa (Alyssa E. Wright)

Lysa (Alyssa E. Wright) was born on August 6th, to a Chicana mother and a Black Father, who dedicated their lives to positively impacting and educating those around them. Lysa has dedicated her life to carrying on that same mission. As young as the age of five, Lysa could be found backstage helping her mother and father put on Gospel shows, under the direction of Will Wright and Dansby Sturdivant.

As young as the age of eight, she watched her two older sisters, Yvette Blue and Nataly Wright along with other well- known artist, musicians, composers, and choreographers such as: Stevi Alexander, Emandah Ramsey, Simeon Magee, and Marissa Hererra, in rehearsals, and studio recordings. Lysa’s childhood consisted of getting her education and rehearsals and shows. On most days, when Lysa would get home from school, there would likely be artists in her house rehearing, choreographing, or composing music. All of these individuals helped create who she is today.

By the time Lysa hit the age of thirteen she was participating in those rehearsals and shows, performing alongside those artists mentioned above. They are her sisters and brothers as well as the people who have inspired her and set the foundation for her life as an artist. Throughout her life, she has had the good fortune of performing with these artists as well as legends such as Teena Marie, Brent Jones, Samantha Mumba, and Broadway star Michael Longoria.

After receiving her Master’s Degree from Claremont Graduate University, Lysa spent years focusing on educating teenagers, within Southern California as well as her writing. In 2014, with Angeleno Ave. Publishing Company, she became an author of the children’s book “The Audacious Little Princesses,” which was awarded the International Latino award. In 2018, Lysa released her first single, “Orgasmic Joy,” which she wrote and performed to empower women. In 2019, she released “Elevate” with the rapper Natural who is part of her team, which was written to encourage people to keep positively growing.

In 2020, Lysa released the hip hop single “Where were you” with artist Natural and J-Best. As well as “In the lights,” by Lysa and Natural, which sets the vibe and mood for those nights, of going out and performing with people she loves. Lysa’s latest singles, “Feelin’ Me” and “Quarantine” were just recently released on all music platforms and are written and performed by her. Lysa, who identifies herself as a Blaxican woman; is an educator, an author, a singer, and a songwriter.

Hi Lysa! When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal?

Lysa: Hi! When I create music, my goal is to write and sing a song that not only reflects who I am as a person but reflects our society. I want my music to be something that the audience enjoys and can relate to.

You were surrounded by music at an early age, and influenced by your parents. When did you start writing music?

Lysa: When I was younger, I played the piano. Something, I wish that I still did. So the first song that I wrote was around the age of thirteen. It was a progression of chords that I put together. I never wrote any lyrics to it though. So the first song that I wrote, sang, and released is “Orgasmic Joy”

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody in your head and then write the other music for it?

Lysa: Usually, the way that it works is I will hear music or a track first. It will then create a vibe for me and words will start to pop into my head. I allow the music to tell me a story. Then I usually will write the hook first and then follow it up with the verses of the song.  I write poetry, so I have never worked in a way where I write a song without hearing the music first. If I am writing with no music, I will just leave what I wrote in a poem format. So always the music first and then the hook,  verses, and the bridge.

Would you like to collaborate with anyone? If so, who and why?

Lysa: Oh my God, yes! There are tons of artists that I would love to work with. I am a fan of Dua Lipa, and I know that she is a songwriter so it would be amazing to work with her. I love Mary J. Blige and Erykah Badu and I’m known to warm up the crowd when I am performing with a bit of one of their songs. I will sing one of their songs acapella to warm up the crowd. I am a fan of the rapper Sa Roc, I consider her to be one of the dopest female rappers out right now; not just because she can really spit but also because I like the positive messages within her songs. I find them to be very empowering for me and other women. I’m also a fan of Melii because she is feisty and bold enough to say in her songs what many women think when they are over a man. I am a fan of Born Allah, someone from the Underground Hip Hop scene that I have done shows with. I would love to collaborate on a song with him. I am pretty much open to working with anyone as long as the vibe between us is right and we can make a solid song that represents who we are and speaks to the audience.

I loved your song “Orgasmic Joy”. Tell me more about it, what inspired you to write it?

Lysa: So happy to hear that you love my song “Orgasmic Joy.” I really appreciate that compliment and I am happy to hear the song speaks to you. The track was made by King Tiu, an artist that I love and have known for a very long period of time. Prior to writing this song, I was performing with the underground rapper Natural who I have a few songs with. I was offered to do an all-female show and a majority of the material at that time consisted of Natural and myself. So after being offered this show, I went into the studio and started creating songs. I had two weeks to push out three songs for this all-female show. So I pushed myself to create this new material.  There have been so many years of listening to men rap and sing songs about their sexual experiences. So I wanted to write an artistic song that was funky but allowed women to be empowered in the same fashion. What inspired me to write it was creating a sensual song that addressed what many women only usually talk about in private.


What is your favorite song you’ve written so far, and why?

Lysa: I do not have a favorite song. I love all of my songs. Each song has a different vibe and if someone else is on the song with me, then we created a vibe and the song captures it the same way a picture would. The songs “Feelin’ Me” and “Quarantine” are the two songs where there was no collaboration with other artists. “Orgasmic Joy” is an explicit song, so not everyone in my fan base can listen to it. I work with teenagers, so I have seen and had to give advice to so many teenagers on their crushes and relationships. So I wanted to write and sing a song that captured those crushes and the young love that I have had to give advice on. I wanted to have a song written for the young teenagers that I work with, that they could relate to and have it become part of their lives. The song “Quarantine” was written when we first went into lockdown due to Covid-19. My cousin was staying with me at the time and we both were having a hard time with the isolation. I come from a really large Latino family on my mother’s side, so I incorporated the strength of those women as well as using the word “Quarantine” and made it symbolic. The symbolic message with “Quarantine” is to avoid trying to control women. I do not want people to think that this song is about not taking the correct health measures to avoid catching Covid-19 because it is not. No, I want people to stay home and do what is right for society.

Where was your last song recorded?

Lysa: My songs are always recorded in my personal studio which is called Str8 Prophet Music, which can be found in Southern California.

You are also an author of the children’s book “The Audacious Little Princesses,” which was awarded an International Latino award. What inspired you to write it?

Lysa: My children’s book “The Audacious Little Princesses” has three authors. My Mother, Janet Breceda Wright, my sister, Nataly M. Wright, and myself A. E. Wright, which is my author name. I am half black and half Mexican, which we refer to as Blaxican. While my siblings and I were growing up, we did not have pieces of literature that reflected our lives which is something that can be detrimental to young children. Young Children need to see themselves reflected in all aspects of life. So my mother, sister, and I decided that we were going to be part of the change that is needed in our society. We wrote “The Audacious Little Princesses to promote diversity; to help girls and boys see themselves in our society. Each character in our children’s book has a different ethnicity and those ethnicities were purposely selected and celebrated within our book to promote multiculturalism and diversity in literature. So to all of the Latino, Asian and Black writers out there, please write our stories, so they can assist in the spread of understanding and acceptance.

How do you deal with writer’s block?

Lysa: Oh geez! I have a B.A in English Literature and I am one of those literary people who do not believe writer’s block exists. So, I do not deal with it because there is no such thing in my mind.


Was anyone else involved in writing, recording, or producing the songs?

Lysa: As far as the writing, no one else is involved in writing my songs. With some of my songs, we have a collaboration, but I write my own songs. For the recording and producing, my songs are recorded and produced at Str8 Prophet Studio. Natural, records and produces my songs. “Orgasmic Joy” and ” Feelin’ Me” were produced by King Tiu. ‘Elevate’ was produced by K Fushuz. ” Where were you” and “In the lights” was produced by J.O. ” Quarantine” was produced by Natural. Arion Mosley mixed ” Feelin’ Me” and “Quarantine.” The recording and execution of each song take place at Str8 Prophet Studios with Natural (Ronald Myles).

What are your plans for the future?

Lysa: My plans for the future are to continue to positively impact people through education, writing and music. There will be additional songs that we will release within the next few months. I cannot currently perform, but I know once this global pandemic is over, I will be hitting the stage again and once again performing live. The plan for my future is to continue to write more pieces of literature, as well as to write and sing more songs. I am excited about the art that I will be creating.

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