Meet Hero – Fort Lauderdale FL based Hip Hop artist

Hero began paying his dues in the year 1996; doing shows throughout the communities of Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County.

He has performed on various stages for radio stations (POWER 96, HOT 105, and 99 JAMZ). Hero has also been featured on BET’s 106 and Park; and, was invited to be a part of BET’s RAP-IT-UP Road Tour.

This gave him the boost that he needed to put himself on the verge of making it to the top. Traveling to different destinations outside of the State of Florida, so that he can spread a new generation of sound: Southern Rap. Hero brings new style, new meaning, and all new concepts to the music industry. He has released his latest album “Made From Scratch”, which has been available on all major online stores. The album is becoming a success and is now receiving airplay throughout the states and in other countries. One of his songs has also been chosen for a movie placement.

Check out Robert Townsend’s latest movie release, “Playing For Love”. Recently, Hero was chosen by “The Hip-hop Head Foundation” (out of New York) to do a song in honor of a Hip-Hop Icon: “KRS1”. This will be placed on a major compilation coming soon, so stay tuned! Hero is currently positioned at the #1 spot in his home city (Fort Lauderdale Fl) on n1m. He continues to stay busy in the studio, currently working on his upcoming album titled: “Influenced”;  with his latest released single, “Lose It”, as one of the hit singles from the album. The streets are slowly, but surely convinced, that Hero will be the next MC/Composer to rise to the top, as the fans follow!!!

Hey Hero! When did you start writing music?

Hero: I started writing music at the age of 15.

How do you go about writing a song? Do you have a melody or a beat in your head and then write the other music for it, or is it something else?

Hero: It varies, some songs that I’ve created came from within my dreams performing the song on stage, me knowing that I’m sleeping I have to force myself to wake up and record it on my phone go back to sleep and begin building in the a.m. But for the most part, I’ll start with both the beat or the melody I guess it depends on my mood.

When you create music, what is your personal purpose or goal?

Hero: When I create music I look to seize the minds of the listeners in every form that I can deliver, in lower and higher vibrations.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Hero: I myself describe my music to be different to the ear, developing my own rhyme scheme tactics, metaphor outbreaks, etc..

Tell me more about your latest album “Made From Scratch”. Is there a story behind it?

Hero: My last album “Made From Scratch” and the story behind it, was the time, the effort, staying self-motivated to complete it also being a critic to my own material to ensure my independent dominance.

Your latest single “Lose it” is awesome. What inspired you to write it?

Hero: Women from all walks of life inspired that song and I said to myself, someone needs to drop a club banger throughout the heartache we are all facing in life during these times.

What has been the most challenging aspect of your current releases?

Hero: Me personally, I’m fueled by challenges it makes me want to go harder to find a way to destroy that challenge. My only challenge to me is funding that I can use to expand and generate the most from my releases.

Are you creative in other disciplines?

Hero: Yes, I also do music production as well.

Do you plan your music releases, or do you just finish a song and release it?

Hero: Yes, I plan my releases, each release date is connected to me deeply.

If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Hero: I will make the industry a leveled playing field for indie artists, to have the same opportunities as the majors do, without breaking our pockets to achieve success.

You are currently working on a new album titled: “Influenced”? What can we expect?

Hero: You can expect to hear the raw truth of social injustice, our daily struggles ups, and downs etc. More lyrical flexing, cold deliveries, and heart-felt flows.

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Written by Emily

Emily is currently finishing her studies in journalism and popular media abroad in the School of Media studies in Tel Aviv. In free time she writes for several popular magazines and loves hip hop culture very much.


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