Interview with Brooklyn based hip-hop artist Tone Blunt

Tone Blunt is a hip-hop artist based out of Brooklyn,NY.He has a modern hip-hop sound with vibes from T.G.E.(the golden era).

Some of his early influences are from artist like Half of Mil,Lox,Mobb Deep.Tone has worked with Illa Ghee and Sean Price.Money Green Musik released A Trappers Guide Tour,Still On Road, & Tales from the Greens Ep which Tone Blunt was featured on.He toured with the release of the ATGT album.He also collaborated with long time producer Tokyo Cigar on “Maggie the 7th”Compilation album.Now with the new single “Apple Fritters (5am)” produce by Lmoz off an upcoming solo project “Match A Blunt” the creative project.Tone Blunt is due to release solo project this month.

Hey Tone! How would you describe the music that you typically create? And how did it all start for you in the music business?

Tone: Hey, how are you? I would describe my music as the evolution of the golden era of hip hop.I started in the music business by making a name for myself on the underground scene then eventually landing a song with Sean Price.I turned into a business by seeing the demand for my music in the street.

What is the message you are trying to give with your music?

Tone: When rappers speak on their time in the streets before music they usually only speak from one perspective.I’m speaking from all angles.I’m speaking on the real dangers that comes with it.

Do you get creative blocks? If so, what do you do to move past them?

Tone: Usually I don’t because I stay informative so I always have things to say.But if it was to happen my answer will be to just live & everything else will come to you.


What inspired you to write “Apple Fritters (5AM)” short film? I love it by the way.

Tone: I actually wrote that in the early morning hours.Base on real events taking place as I wrote it.I had the lyrics ready.I thought of the sample sometime after & my guy Lmoz whip the beat up.Shot a video and it’s one of the last records recorded for my project “Match A Blunt”.


And what is the story behind “White Cherry Gelato “single?

Tone: White Cherry Gelato is the first single off my project “Match A Blunt” it’s record explaining my story threw the bars.Production by Arab Rob.


What is the most useless talent you have?

Tone: I’m not a great cook lol but keep that on the


How do you nourish your creative side when you’re not working? And how do you avoid burnout?

Tone: It’s back to what I said before about writers block just live and soak up the vibes eventually it’ll come to you.


What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music your career? What has been an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all?

Tone: My biggest surprise is seeing the following get bigger and seeing how far a idea can take you if you.The music industry all has been unexpected and challenging but I try to stay ready and prepared.


What does your curiosity look like? How do you explore things?

Tone: I do a lot of research and stay in tuned with current events and what’s new.


If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Tone: How the artist perceived, gets paid, and how the labels decide what to promote.


What are you currently working on, and what’s next for you?

Tone: Pushing my label collectively Money Green Musik.”Match a Blunt” my debut project being released any day.Money Green Merch new spring collection on the way.My label mates Mel Man54 dropping soon Schino B. dropping soon.We are working on touring onc thing get back to normal.


At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

Tone: I want people to take away an experience and have more insight on what might be happening in their community.And also enjoy the vibes while catching a powerful message.

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Emily is currently finishing her studies in journalism and popular media abroad in the School of Media studies in Tel Aviv. In free time she writes for several popular magazines and loves hip hop culture very much.


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